11 Years
Apr 22, 2008
Shelbyville, KY
Found another skunk chasing my chickens in the run yesterday. That makes 5 I've killed in the run this year! I don't remember them being as bad in the past. Someone said its their breeding season and they are more active now?
from GA. I don't know alot about skunks except they smell really bad when they spray. I hope all your chickens are safe where he can't get them. Good luck
Ours is super active in the field. It leaves zillions of holes around while its digging grubs. Were not looking forward to having to possible catch it. :| Its mainly right where the chickens are going. Ugh.
I live in a different part of the country from you, and I don't know anything about the skunk breeding season. I do know that we've been totally overrun with the little stinkers this winter, and I thought the fall of '09 was horrible. We've had nearly constant snow cover since October, and a lot more sub-zero weather than usual this winter. I set a trap for raccoons in the fall (figured I'd get a head start on population control before spring) and caught about 6-8 skunks in it, plus DH has shot at least that many more just wandering around the property in broad daylight. Then there are the countless number that have met with tractor tires when hay bales were being fed to the cattle.
here in Oklahoma my skunk only eats our eggs. Wise chicken man
once told me skunks can't climb. Re worked my coop and (knock on wood)
we have been pest free. Skunks eat snacks that can climb so we let
it be for now.
I have seen a lot more skunks here too. Back last may I had one get in the dog pen with my son's dog and attack the dog. We shot the skunk had it tested and found out it had rabies. Had to take the poor dog to the vet and put down too. On new years I yes ME was chased by a snarling/growling (never knew they did that until the one attacked the dog) skunk. Luckily my husband was nearby and able to get the gun to shoot the darn thing. So skunks don't last on our place.

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