SL W'dotte chicks arrived today, do their markings...UPDATE W/ PICS


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I posted this question in the "Breeds and Showing" forum, but I think it gets a little less traffic than this one and I'm under the gun because I have to make a decision tomorrow! I'm trying to pick out 5 day-old chicks to keep from this batch of 12 pullets, and I'm wondering if there's any way to tell from their current markings if they will be prettily marked as adults. I'm surprised at how much variation there is -- some are kind of "frosty", some have a brown tinge, and others are pretty much jet black. Some have lots of yellow on their faces, some nearly none. Some have very crisp white markings on their back, others have thinner and less defined lines. Can anyone tell me what a "good" SL would look like as a day-old, or do their current markings have no significance? These are certainly not show quality, but I'd still like to pick out some pretty ones if I can....
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These are some of my chicks from turbo and Mrs. Turbo when they were a couple of days old. If you do a search you'll see how nice their parent stock is. These chicks are now 3 weeks old and their lacing is starting to show.


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Thanks Katy! It looks to me like your little ones have a lot of yellow on their faces and pretty clear white "chipmunk" lines on their backs. The second photo looks like the chick is a brownish black rather than jet-black -- is that right? I have some of each!
I think the 2nd picture makes him look a little browner than he really was. I'd keep the ones with the best white chipmunk markings. I think on one of the recent SLw thread Mrs. Turbo posted a good picture of one of her chicks, I'll see if I can find it and post a link for you.
Oh I NEED some of Mrs. Turbo's SLW's!!!! I got my first SLW from TSC. Not heavy lacing but he's a doll. I paid someone for SLW eggs and well lets just say, I got 2 SLW's and the rest are mutts.

I NEED Mrs. Turbo's SLW's!! LOL


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