SL Wyandotte x Lemon Cuckoo Orpington


6 Years
Feb 10, 2013
Waco, TX
Anyone else out there have this cross?

I have three that we hatched in the bator and they are all light yellow with a little black speckling on the head.

I'm curious if these two breeds could be sexlinked because of the barring in the hens?


I will continue to update as they grow for anyone who is interested.
seems like eb/eWh chicks cant be sexed at hatch using sexlinked barring seems like in this case eWh(wheaten) is much stronger than eb/eb(from SLW) I saw Wyandotte x RIR cross chicks and I was afraid this would be the case..

here are a RIR rooster over SLW hen, this cross produced gold/silver sexlinks, but as you can see the yellow chicks look like your yellow chicks, this chicks have a faint head pattern which I was RALLY hoping it could work for Sexlinked Barring sexlinks, but it seems like this is not the case..


here the pics and source of such cross

the eb/eWh allele combination cant be sex at hatch it appears that way, ewh is from buff orp and eb from wyandotte, pure eb/eb can be sexed using sexlinked barring but eWh/eWh cant be sexlinked thats why you dont see Autosexing cuckoo Orpinton being advertised.. so while eb/eb barred chicks can be sexed at hatch(think about Crele penedesenca, Wybars) when in combination eb/eWh cant be sex, seems like eWh is the stronger one in the cross, which is of no surprice as e+/eb chicks look like pure wildtype e+ chicks aswell, eb as e allele goes is about the most recessive eb you could ever find
So I have just had a revelation! When we original got some of our flock from a local breeder she had a random white chick she thought may have been from her one EE hen, but wasn't sure. She breeds Lemon Cuckoo Orps and SLW and Apenzeller Spitzhauben. We decided we'd take the one white one along with a couple Lemon Cuckoo, SLW and Spitzhaubens. The one white hen (who we love) must have been this same exact cross! So we have just created a bunch of her! :)

Here she is, she is a great layer and just recently hatched her first bunch of eggs and is a great mother.

nice, keep us update it.. I see how she could have been all white and why the chicks will be all white(the pullets) you see Buffs are colored that way because they have Sex linked Gold in them, now if you change that for Silver(white, as in Columbian Rocks) the females will not be buff or orange, they will be Silver because of the Sire,

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