Slacker hens


Mar 17, 2022
Central Florida
I’ve posted before with not much luck as far as a similar situation and/or possible cause. My one year old buff orphingtons are slacking in the egg laying department. I have four total. One has two month old chicks so Ibinagine she should be laying again. No eggs again today. One here and there. Once in a while I’ll have two in one day. It’s a mystery to me. They seem healthy. Normal behaviors. One cross-beaked bully, but otherwise normal. They were laying okay shorty before winter and haven’t went back to typical egg laying. No rats, snakes, etc. No chickens eating eggs. No hidden eggs.

I have now six (lost one today) newer chickens that have been around for about eleven weeks and two that are around eight weeks that my broody hatched. Could the new additions throw them off? Thanks for any help/input!
Orps are especially fluffy.
Definitely. I could have had more heat tolerant chickens before (RIR, RIW, Americauna). My younger chickens (Welsummer, Cream legbar, Starlight, GLW) should be laying in about two months, maybe a week or two less. Also some OEGB mixes. Hopefully they’ll lay better. Ty.

It’s still strange to think that I have such limited lay time here in the heat. No summer and no winter. Slow in the spring too with the orphingtons . Only leaves early fall and it’s hot here through fall. Starts to cool a tad in November.

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