Sleeping Arrangements?


7 Years
Oct 24, 2012
My girls got 'dey weaves all knotted up' with the two new chica's I brought home! I have a new little flock 2 months old, of 2 Polish and 1 Wheaton Maran. Gaga, my Silver Laced Polish was head Diva. Beyonce, my Gold Laced Polish well, we'll just call her clueless for now and Debbie (as in Little Debbie Snacks, she's a portly girl) was just happy to be roaming around and eatin' snacks. Then Big Foxy Mama (that's me) brings home two new girls 2 days ago. A 1 year old Ameraucana and a 10 month old New Hampshire Red, both are laying. The original girls are all under 7 months and not laying yet :-(. I introduced them slowly and let the 3 girls inspect the newbies while they were still in their crate. I didn't force it. It was kinda late so I let everyone go to their own beds for the night. Next day, inspection again. Polish girls got their hair and heads wobbling on their sholders and whispering to eachother. Debbie...she's eatin', doesn't know anything is going on, just stay out of her buffett line. Later in the day, I let the two new ones out. And the Ameraucana right away starts bossing everyone around and acting high and mighty. I let it play out all day, no blood so I'm not interfering. Just like I handle my teenage daughters. Then comes night time. Gaga, Beyonce and Lil' Debbie put their hair up in rollers, put their cold cream on and march up to bed in their grannie jammies. AND here comes Miss Bossy Pants (Ameraucana) kicks them all out of the house or makes them cower in a nest box. Uh-Uh, BFM isn't going to have that. After letting them squabble for about 1 hour I move Miss Bossy Pants and her friend, Winnie (weenie - because she's scared of everyone except MBP) to the crate and let them sleep there for the night. Everyone is all like, she said this and she said that and did you see what she was wearing....

Next day, let them hang out again in the same yard. Miss Bossy Pants is behaving better but, she's definately letting Gaga know that her fancy outfits aren't impressing her and she's now the boss. Night time again, I'm late getting home and about 1 hour after their bedtime, Miss Bossy Pants is in the coop again, all attitude, and making the three girls cower in 1 nest box. Winnie went back to the crate, she just wants her beauty sleep. She don't know what all the fussing is about and Dancing with the Stars is supposed to start anyhow. In the Big House, no one is happy. Miss Bossy Pants is acting like she forgot her Zoloft. Gaga, Beyonce are trying to blend into the woodwork and Lil' Debbie needs everyone out from 'up unner herr erras'.

iiIhhhhh know I gots to let dey gurls works out dey own problems but, NIGHT TIME TOO? How long will this last and how should I handle this? Big Foxy Mama is tarred of all this bickering!

welcome to BYC, from Wisconsin...
great names for ur birds, by the way.
My birds still argue w/ each other when bedtime comes around, but after the lights go out they usually calm down...

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