Sleeping in Nesting Boxes?

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    Hi All

    I've got three (illegal) gals in a coop in my yard. Seem happy, and I'm having fun and getting some eggs.

    My question: My coop (a hand down from a friend) has perches that lead up to the nesting boxes. I thought the girls would sleep on the perches, then do the egg thing in the nesting boxes. I do find the eggs there, but they poop and sleep in the boxes, too.

    Is that normal? The nesting boxes have a flap to lock the girls out (in the coop). Should I be using that? Is it OK they sleep in the nesting boxes ? (Yes, once they somehow hit the flap and locked themselves in the nesting boxes. THAT was loud. )

    Another question -- they're about 10 months old now. Too late to teach them to drink from a hanging nipple bottle? I have one they seem to ignore because they were raised with the tray-waterer.


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    Perches are for sleeping on and nest boxes are for laying in. Close the nest boxes before they go to bed and if possible raise the perches and lower the boxes. Chickens instinctively roost on the higher spots (safety from predators), so if the nest boxes are higher they'll sleep there.

    I don't know about the nipple waterer. I've never used one, but I know lots of the members here do. They should be able to advice you. Have a look in this section:

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