Sleeping in the laying boxes and not laying!

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    Dec 2, 2013
    I got 6, 1yr old chickens, RIR, Americana, barred rock and red sexlinks.
    All except the fat barred rock sleep together in the 3 nesting boxes. Which means they are CONSTANTLY full of poo. I want them to sleep in the bottom part of coop, so I put a piece of cardboard over the entrance to nesting boxes.
    They seem pretty distraught about this, and REALLY want to get in!

    The only one that sleeps where I want is the Barred Rock, she never could get up into the boxes.


    I got these 6 girls about 3 weeks ago. I got an egg the 1 st morning, which I assume was already in the works and 1 other egg a day or so later......nothing since.
    They get Scratch and Peck layer, free oyster shell and grit. I also have one of those boredom buster bricks in there.

    What else can I do, and suggestions on the sleeping arrangements?
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    Chickens will naturally roost at the highest point, so if you want them not to sleep in the nest boxes, their roost will need to be higher than the nest boxes. They are hard wired to seek the highest point for safety.

    As far as egg production... moving chickens is traumatic for them and they will often stop laying for several weeks. That is pretty normal. The one egg that you did get was probably already in the shoot, so to speak, when they were moved.

    Also, chickens need about 14 hours of light per day to produce eggs. If it is winter where you are, and you are not supplying supplemental light, they may not lay again until the spring.

    Good luck.

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