Sleeping in the nesting boxes.


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May 7, 2011
I have 2 little gals that are maybe 17 or 18 weeks. My boyfriend bought them for us as chicks to raise for a few weeks and then give them to a farm. The fool wasnt thinking when he bought them that I ADORE animals and I fell in love instantly. Being caught off guard and not knowing anything about chickens... They lived in a rubber maid for the first month or so in my apartment, a little cage for a few more weeks in my parents basement, getting some outside time until the coop was done. It wasnt done until they were older, maybe 12 weeks old. Now I dont think they know normal chicken behavior Im thinking, because they cuddle together in a nesting box together. I have 2 boxes but they BOTH sleep in the same one every night (its so darn cute, there is no lying about how sweet and close they are with one another) but what happens when they start laying eggs? Im guessing it must be getting close.

Is this normal or are they confused since they didnt have a coop for sooo long?

Once they start laying, will they get it together?

I guess since they are my pet girls, I personally dont care if they lay where they sleep/poo but still...... Just wondering I guess.


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I have an Olive Egger that is blind in one eye and she can hardly see out of the other. She uses nest boxes and it drives me nuts.

I don't think she can fly up to the lowest roost.

If I didn't think she'd get beat up on, I'd put her in the marans pen.

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You'll probably have to "teach" them to roost by placing them on the roost every night. They will catch on. Just make sure your roosts are higher than the nesting boxes. If they haven't been in the coop for long, they could still be adjusting to the new surroundings. You could also close off the boxes until they get close to laying.


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Jun 2, 2011
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I had the same problem with mine so I closed off the nesting boxes for a while and added a plastic easter egg filled with wadded up paper to each box when I opened them up. It worked!

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