8 Years
Apr 22, 2011
i have 3 around 7 or 8 week old chicks and they really want to sleep on top of the chicken house. is this ok for them? the top of it is tin we live in alabama and its not that cool at night now. i didnt know about the dew falling and them just being out in the night air CRAZY HUH?? any suggestions? i had been taking them down and putting them in their little place to sleep. i have 3 biggger ones in the chicken house but they are mean to them so i dont know if they can sleep together or not. so the 3 little ones are on top and the 3 big ones get the inside. help!!!
I suggest you keep doing what your doing by taking them off and soon it will become a habit for them to stay in the coop
I'm not sure how your coop is set up, but sleeping on top of the coop may make them more vulnerable to predator attack.

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