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  1. eagle2195

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    May 24, 2010
    I have what i believe to be a Rhode Island red hen,less then a yr old. She has been acting very tired for about a week or so . Acts very sleepy and is also very "poofy". As in has her feathers all poofed up like maybe she is cold. Does anyone have any idea what may be wrong with her?,,i have brought her inside our house cause the other chickens i have started attacking her.
  2. Miss Lydia

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    Oct 3, 2009
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    Google chicken diseases maybe it will help
  3. PunkinPeep

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    Sleepy and poofy are symptoms of general illness in a chicken.

    The first things i would check for are:

    nasal or eye discharge

    crop issues - is her crop full even after having no food all night? does she have bad breath?

    egg issues - if you gently feel of her lower abdomen, do you feel any hardness? Can you see anything unusual at the vent?

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