Sleepy rooster?


10 Years
Feb 15, 2009
Northern California
I'm normally pretty good at diagnosing diseases in my flock, but I'm totally baffled right now!

Last weekend, I noticed one of my Modern Game Bantam roosters, Peanut (he's 2 years old), was sleeping in the day. He was in full sun and sunbathing, so I didn't think anything of it. I noticed he was doing it again today, but this time in the shade and he was standing up. When I walked up to him he immediately woke up and started dancing and chirping like a healthy rooster would do. I don't think he's sick, but he's not acting like himself. So I picked him up and gave him a lookover. His weight is great, his keel is fully muscled, and his face is bright and not even slightly sunken in. He has a healthy appetite and he's still feeling the need to fight with his neighbor. The only two things I found off were that his feathers weren't as glossy as they could be, but I think that's due to his cage, and that he did have a few mites (they were all dead because I treat all my roos once or twice a month, just dead mites and eggs that weren't going to hatch). Otherwise... you'd see him and say he's in tip top shape. I will say that I've bred a weird trait into my Moderns. Certain birds of mine always keep one eye closed when they're handled and some even keep an eye closed when they're on the ground. So it could just be that, but he never did that as a chick. I'm really baffled. I think he's ok, but has anyone else had birds do this? Any suggestions?
Thank you!

He's still acting the same, but now he's yawning frequently. Half the time one eye is open and the other is closed. But he still lays down.

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