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    Nov 23, 2014
    its been almost two months inside and lt.dan (he aint got no foot) is healed of the frostbite. lost 5 toes in total, only has one scab left where he got a sore on his keel from the coop before i brough him in. now that he can use his nubby foot hes more intent on crowing all day and chasing my 75lb chow/lab around the house rather than cuddle, so i only now noticed his wheeze.
    hes been extra ornery the last couple days, and i picked him up to put to bed i noticed he has a slight wheeze on the inhale, no noise on the exhale, and it looks like a very labored breath. what should i look for tomorrow and how should i determine a course of action? do chickens just get congested? should i start him on vitamins again and not worry? he looks compleyely normal, if it means anything hes been drinking alot more water lately too.
    thanks for any insight
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    Vitamins would not hurt, Respiratory issues in chickens are troubling. I had some that shook off by them self, and also lost 3 chicks inside a week from different . Not sure exactly which bug it was because did not do necropsy.
    As to Lt, Dan, and no leg, I have a hen that lost all her toes, One at a time, due to some kind of gangrine, and now walks on stumps, but perfectly well. Her name is cotton. You can figure that one out. LOL
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