Slightly abused ankle, pick up please


10 Years
Aug 20, 2009
East Central VA
I'm fed up with my ankle. Willing to give it to anyone who wants an excuse to lay out of work/play/everything every time it gets twisted. Looks almost identical to the one in the photo that my dear old man was holding. Dang I miss that cat.

I wrenched it around funny last night getting out of hubby's work truck while we were on the job site scrounging for more used/trash lumber. This puts a damper on me starting the shed construction this week and Phase 3 of the run extensions for the chickens. On top of it all this is the heel I'm having terrible trouble with plantars faciatis (SP?). Today it's swollen to about double and I can see the start of the bruising begining. One major plus is that lovely little thing called loose tendons or double jointedness so twisting it around funny happens more often than normal so you can miss a lot of physical labor if you really hate it.

Pick up only please...... I can barely hobble to the bathroom as it is

ETA.... it has a 9.5 narrow foot attached if you need to know ahead of time.... make that 10 narrow in some brands.....
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