Slikie and Frizzle eggs on their way, now what?


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Hello everyone,

We just bought our incubator about a month and a half ago and our chickens aren't laying yet, at least most of them. So, we haven't tried it out it's one with a fan and turner... I was just wondering what the humidity and temperature should be for the Silkie and Frizzle eggs I have coming..

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Hi Nicole!
Have you got your incubator and turner plugged in and stabilized to 99.5?
Here, I like to shoot for 45% humidity for the first 18 days and 65% til hatch (humidity will go up as the chicks start hatching).

Even tho you with a unit with a fan, you should still measure temps 'at egg height'.

Once you get the eggs unwrapped, let them rest (big end up) for 6 hours or so. I like to candle them when I get them to check for wobbly air cells, but that isn't necessary.

Don't adjust temps when you add the eggs. Temps will drop, but should climb back to 99.5 as soon as the eggs warm up.

Here are some links that might be helpful (Jody posted them in the 'Read Me' sticky at the top of this page, but I'll post them again). publications/b6092.pdf

Good luck!!


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