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    Hey good morning to all! We are new at the chicken keeping so when a baby chick came to live with us I noticed his leg was a little stiff and swollen but he was able to eat and drink so I searched on line and couldn't find anything!

    Then yesterday we found this site! YEAH! Now our chicken is about 3-4 weeks old and someone has pictures on here of exactly what our chicken looks like, only there's is younger.

    So my question is with a slipped tendon can it be treated when they are already 4 weeks or so of age or is it to late?

    I noticed yesterday it looks like her lower abondment is swollen and her feathers aren't as thick as the others. They were all brought together and alll of the other chickens are healthy and happy so I reallly don't think there is a disease to worry about?

    I also noticed that she strains a little to use the potty.

    So is it to late to do something for her? We really feel bad. She tries to fly and that is how she gets from one side to the next and she is able to eat and drink with no problems

    Thank you![​IMG]

  2. Because one of the procedures to correct slipped tendon involves the gentle positioning of the leg directly backwards in the normal plane of motion, I suspect it's worth a try.

    It might take several repetitions because the slipped tendon may have shrunk. I hope an experienced owner will chirp on this subject and I include several threads about slipped tendon.

    Whenever you see a leg problem in a chick, it may help to add poultry vitamins or baby vitamins (no added iron) in the water. Sometimes as they grow they use more vitamins than available in feed and need a temporary boost.

    You ask a fascinating question and one worth exploring both for your chick and because others may receive one in the same situation. Please let us know how things evolve! [​IMG]

    About the swollen abdomen- if you have the slightest reason to suspect another situation, separate her- it might be advisable anyway as you attempt to work on the tendon. I'm not sure if she is too young for a tiny dose of children's aspirin to assist with inflammation, but others may know.
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