Slow Growing Poult


9 Years
Jan 19, 2011
Escanaba, MI
So out of my five poults I hatched out two weeks ago, I have one that is definitely behind the others when it comes to growth. Little one is about half the size of the others (visual estimate). The poult has the same feather development, but is nowhere near the size of the others. In fact, I plan to put the poults on a gram scale in order to compare weights in a little while, since I am curious how much the little one weighs compared to the others. She (no idea, just winging the sex since there is no way to tell, lol) eats with the others, doesn't get pushed aside. They are all eating gamebird starter. Can I expect her to catch up with the others? Is she somehow stunted, you think?

I can't seem to find anything about developmentally delayed poults the search.
Something that I've heard mentioned on this site is "failure to thrive." My understanding is that some birds just don't do as well as others, and either are developmentally delayed, stunted, or die. idk much about it, try searching that phrase.
I've never raised turkeys, so this is second hand information I'm offering. A friend of mine raised turkeys last year. They were all healthy birds, but there was a vast variation in weight. I have no idea why.
Ahh, failure to thrive, I should have searched that term, but didn't think of that, thanks!

The small poult weighs 111 grams exactly. The largest poult weighed 220 grams. Nearly double the weight! The others were all around 200 grams, give or take a few.

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