Slow growth, no feathering on back end, poop sticks to skin...


Jun 6, 2020
Hard to find much on the web about dwarf chicks. But I think my slow growing Rhode Island Red may fit the bill. She is growing but at a much slower growth than her siblings. Eating and drinking fine...but other characteristics below make me think something else might be going on...
-No tail feathering (has been this way since I got her at 2 weeks old.
-No feather on back end...causing poop to stick to her skin all the time.
-Sleeps more than the others.
-Other feathering delayed compared to others.
-Body size is smaller in proportion to her head and wing length.
-Almost shows signs of crooked neck (beginning stages) and she’s done this since I had her. But improved greatly altering giving vitamins in her water. But still showing signs of it (only when she’s picked up) after 7 weeks of treating with vitamins.

Any thoughts??
It is possible that she is a failure to thrive chick, but coccidiosis can cause runny poops, lethargy, poor appetite, and a failure to gain weight. Worms can also cause a failure to thrive. Intestinal damage due to either of those, could be a problem. Getting some droppings checked by your vet with a fecal float might be something you would want to do. Or you could treat your chickens with Corid, and then worm them.
Belated update...she didn’t make it. I had started to see a little improvement after trying to clean her up best I could over the course of 4 days. But came in one morning and she had passed throughout the night. 😞

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