Slowly but surely!

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    Dec 30, 2011
    I just got my 2 Wyandotte pullets one week ago today so they're 17 weeks old. They absolutely would NOT come out of the coop, so after racking my brain, I decided to move their food to the bottom of the ladder (still in the secured run) and physically place one of them in the run and give her some bread as a treat. It was hysterical, and kinda sad, watching them try to get away from me.
    They kept crawling under each other and lifting the other up so that they could be in the absolute furthest corner from me! I finally grabbed one and placed her down there and it worked!! [​IMG] She found the treats and food and was content enough that the other one stuck her little head down and jumped down, too! I left the food at the bottom of the ladder and today gave them treats from the run area instead of in the coop and they jumped down again! Now, if I could only get them to stay out for more than 10 minutes.... [​IMG]

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