slowly hatching.....FIRST TIMER NEEDS HELP?!

Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by 6mutts, May 16, 2009.

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    Oct 6, 2008
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    Ok, 2 eggs pipped yesterday morning, when eight oclock came around I helped one out of its' shell and he/she is doing fine now, the second. hatched on his own this morning and seems fine as well. Third one was pipped and was kind of helped out and he died. Two more eggs are sitting in there and haven't even pipped and haven't wiggled since yesterday evening. Should I do something? Or if they don't even pip, is it considered that they are dead? humidity is sitting sround 55* and temp is waving between 99-101. This is a home made incubator. Any suggestions? Thanks. They are kind of special to me, as I had a power outage and had to "incubate" them in my bra for a day and half!
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    I hatch mine under hens but give it a few days. those eggs might have started to develop a little bit later than the others. Also after pips give it 24 to 36 hours THEN help. PS BREATH!!!!!
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    what day is it?
    especially with the uneven temps and changes your eggs went through, I would think they may need extra time

    avoid helping if you can and if you must search out a long thread on helping with expert advice. Chicks may pip 24 hours before they zip and hatch
    they are absorbing the yolk and getting ready for the big effort. forcing them out early by helping can cause problems for them with some dying.

    you should let them try to get themselves out for around 24 hours before you consider helping unless it is very clear that they are drowning... (ie high humidity & pipped at wrong end, etc) or the humidity is very low and they are stuck with a leathery membrane, then you need to raise the humidity and perhaps put a moist papertowel over any exposed membrane (or lightly moisten with a q-tip) There is a great thread about helping with expert advice on this.

    Good luck!
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    55 humidity is probly to low depending on where you live ect, If they are day 22 or past and its been at least 12 hours or more scince another egg pipped , You Could make a small hole in the top where the air cell is so you can see if there is movement or not and then go from there

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