Slowly making steps towards nursing school

Discussion in 'Random Ramblings' started by Bettacreek, May 20, 2010.

  1. Bettacreek

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    Jan 7, 2009
    Central Pennsyltucky
    I've been wanting to do this for a few years now, but something has always been in the way. This year I finally said that nothing was going to get in my way, so I signed up and took the test. 92% on the test and now I'm slowly getting everything around for the school. I probably won't be getting in until January, especially since their January classes have clinicals that are only half an hour away, instead of an hour and twenty minutes away. I've calculated my gas to be $5k for the year. The school is $13k, and I am eligible for $5.5k in grants. So, I'll be about $13k in debt, with no job or anything! But, all should look up once everything comes into place. I just need to get my references and send in for my transcripts. My old bosses told me when I left that if I needed a reference, they'd give me an excellent one. My transcripts were excellent, state testing I was ranked at 99 and 98% for three or four of the categories (I forget how many there were) and one 76% (math, lol) in the entire state. So, I really don't have any excuse not to be getting into the program. After my references and transcripts are sent, I need to get CPR training for the healthcare professional (which is something like $30), bloodwork and a physical, and then I think I'm good. I just need to light a fire under my butt and get everything done!
  2. Break an Egg

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    Mar 17, 2008
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    Good luck with this, I was supposed to start the LVN program at the local community college in August, but I missed the deadline to apply, never knowing there was a deadline. I should start in January though. [​IMG]
  3. dacjohns

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    Congratulations and good luck. I have a son-in-law doing a paid internship at a VA hospital and he finishes his program in December as an RN. As a user of another VA hospital I have the utmost respect for nurses. Also when my granddaughter had major surgery it was the nurses that took care of her.

    Nurses rock.
  4. 2chickenrich

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    Oct 7, 2008
    Perry, Georgia
    It was hard and long but worth every hardship ,KEEP GOING!
  5. Bettacreek

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    Jan 7, 2009
    Central Pennsyltucky
    Thanks guys! I'm proud of myself (I know, I'm on an ego-trip, but I need the spirit boost)! Hopefully everyone else excels and nails their final exams. [​IMG]
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    Dec 2, 2009
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    Congratulations! Hey you are on your way. I went back to college and got my Bachelors of Science in Nursing when I had one kid in preschool, one toddler, and a newborn. Talk about stress lol. If I can do it so can you. I thought I was bad off until I met a girl in my senior year who was a few yrs behind me who was a single mom with 5 kids! I got an summer nurse externship and also worked as a student nurse extern through most of my RN program. You might want to try something like that to get some experience. I worked on Friday and Sat nights in a busy telemetry unit so I could have time to study on other nights. Time management is the biggest factor.
  7. Bettacreek

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    Jan 7, 2009
    Central Pennsyltucky
    Yeah, time is going to be a biggy here. 8 hours of school per day, then threeish hours of driving, plus an hour or so of study time. Plus mom's giving me a hard time about it. She wants to watch the boys while I study, which is great, except that if I get the close clinicals, I told her that on those days, I'd just be going straight home with the boys. She's pitching a fit, but you know, I'm not driving an extra hour out of my way, period. We don't have a choice on when to do our clinicals though, it's set for us. Mom will eventually get over it and quit pushing me to do something stupid. I really can't wait. It's been awhile since I've been able to get out of the house and have a life other than SAHM. It'll be nice, but I think it's going to be rough, not having my two kids up my butt 24/7, lol.
  8. chicken_china_mom

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    Apr 24, 2009
    Tab, Indiana
    I know what you mean about finding the motivation to get everything done so you can go to school. I left college in 1994 to join the Army, thinking that I could return anytime I needed to. Well, after the Army (came home injured after Basic), I went straight to work. Then I met my ex, had 2 kids, moved a couple of times, got out of that relationship, all the while working to support my kids, cause he never did. Well, the desire to go back to school has been bothering me for years, not to mention the fact that my mother has been after me to go back. I finally got fed up with the crappy minimum wage jobs, so I contacted an online school. Everything fell into place and I started school last October. It was a little overwhelming at first, but I've adapted rather well and I finish in December. Not sure yet when graduation is (I failed a course and had to retake it, stupid Algebra...), but it will probably be in January or February. I'm excited to finally be a college graduate, and to have the opportunity to go out and get a real CAREER, not just another job. My kids can look up to me and be proud, and know that if I can do it, so can they, and knowing that I am making the right steps to be able to support them better is a HUGE stress reliever. Yeah, I'll be in debt for a LONG time, but isn't that what tax season is for? Lol, knocking off as much of the repayment as possible? I'm hoping that if I can get a really good job then I can move my family onto a larger plot of land. It'll give my chickens more running space, and I won't have to worry about food, for them or us, and I can start saving up for my kids to go to college, cause I'll be darned if I'm going to let them wait til they are 34 to go there!!! Good luck in your courses. Nurses are in high demand and knowing that there will be one more added to the forces warms my heart. Nurses do a lot more than they get credit for, God bless them! When I was in the hospital having my gallbladder taken out in 2007 it was the nurses that took good care of me. I saw my doctor once, and a night doctor once for extreme pain that occurred from getting a pain shot (go figure!). Other than that, it was only the nurses. They helped me when my iv slipped, when I had to make the trips to the bathroom (God Bless Ireland for that, she was my angel in scrubs!!!), when my oxygen levels dropped or I had pain, they were there. They don't get the credit they deserve. I'm so glad you chose such a noble profession. Actually you're at a bit of an advantage going back to school now while your kids are so little. At least you won't have to be playing chauffeur, helping them finish homework, grounding disobedient ones, etc. You can study while they nap, while they play, at the park, etc. Mine are older, 10 and 11, and so I have to constantly ride them to do chores, do their homework, etc. Plus I homeschool, so it gets hectic here! But I'm sure you'll get all your affairs in order and do a fabulous job in school. Everyone here on BYC is here to support you. You go girl! [​IMG]
  9. desertgirl

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    Mar 29, 2009
    Hang in there-ten year veteran RN here. Best job in the entire world!!!![​IMG]
  10. Swampwood

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    Apr 25, 2010
    Krotz Springs, LA
    Good Luck, The reward is well worth the pain and suffering of school:D

    I put it off(r/t women running my life:p) for 12 yrs., finally did it a couple yrs ago, after the last lay-off(straw) and a change in relationship

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