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  1. catfish40

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    Jul 16, 2010
    I had a 1 1/2 year old Blue Orpington rooster die just over a week ago. He started losing his crow a few months back and toward the end it was little more than a barely audible whistle. He still looked healthy--just had no crow. He went through the motions, but nothing came out. On his last day he just looked bad and was moving in super slow motion. Apparently he was not eating or drinking anymore and his comb was grayish and flat. I just assumed he had a tumor (or similar) in his neck that slowly got worse until it obstructed the passage completely.

    Yesterday I found a 10 month old hen acting almost as sluggish. She did not move towards the food at my feeding nor did I see her drink. I was hoping that the rooster was just an isolated incident, but now I'm worried.

    There are only 6 hens and 1, young black roo in the coop. I have no other birds. They are able to free range 3 to 4 days per week. They are feed Purina Layena, kitchen scraps, scratch grains and whatever they eat while roaming.

    We've only had chickens for about a year and a half. The roo above was 1 of the first small group that I bought. I like my birds, hate this is happening and hoping for some advice to help.

    Thanks, in advance, for your time and thoughts
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    Have you wormed your flock lately? I am thinking he may have had gapeworms. Worming is fairly easy to accomplish, and may solve your problems.
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    Inspect them for lice/mites.[​IMG]
  4. catfish40

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    Jul 16, 2010
    After researching this website today, I feel certain that the rooster died from gapeworms. I have injectable ivermectin for cattle and according to several recommendations can give this on bread (5 to 7 drops) to each bird. Mine would be tough to catch and wormer in their feed or water would be just about the only route.

    Thanks, again, for any thoughts

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