SLW went after rabbit, then a sparrow - is this normal??


10 Years
Mar 6, 2010
Warren County, NJ
I am kind of new to chickens. The flock is now 14 weeks old. My tamest pullet, a Wyandotte named Laila, spotted a full sized rabbit in the back yard. She ran full speed at the rabbit. The rabbit ran in circles at first, maybe not thinking that the chicken was a real threat, but soon 20 more pullets joined Laila in her persuit of the poor rabbit, but it was fortunately able to escape. About an hour later a sparrow landed about 15 feet from Laila, and again she took off after the sparrow.

Maybe she is just playing, but I am not so sure. Is this normal chicken behavior? If she pecked at the rabbit, she could have gotten bitten or kicked. She is also getting pecky with the little EE's. There are a total of 42 pullets, and they really don't peck each other too much, but maybe this is the age where that starts.
Yes, it is normal. Protecting the flock & the food source. Plus, if you are a chicken, it us just fun to chase a rabbit.

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