small cornish


10 Years
Dec 22, 2009
Pinckney, Michigan
I picked up a batch of 25 cornish x last week. It hasn't even been a week and they are noticably bigger. Except one. I ended up moving it over to a brooder with my other chicks since i didn't want it to get trampled. Has anyone ever seen this before?
It may not be as dominant at the feeder and is getting pushed away, thus not growing like the rest. It always seems like there is at least one in every batch. Unfortunately, ones like that usually end up not making it. Survival of the fittest at work. It may have a better chance since you have seperated it to less aggresive eating chicks. I hope it makes it, but if it doesn't, don't feel at fault.
Thanks for your input bigred I thought about that but i had 2 troughs of feed in there for 25 chicks...I guess when i see a giant bird in my other brooder I will know which one it was assuming it makes it.
LOL, Packing Peanut!

I was just coming to the forum today to ask if I should consider trying a different meatbird breed. I've got a few stragglers in my flock of 25 that are half the weight of the others. I even tried separating them and giving them heat and tasty treats for 2 weeks to no avail. Sounds like it's the standard and not an issue with Freedom Rangers.
I would bet you got a leghorn by accident. It happened to me once- the juvenile bird looked IDENTICAL to my others, other than a little better groomed and smaller. When it started to fully feather out, I knew what happened. Luckily, it was a female, and it became one of my best layers!
HAHA yeah i bet its just a packing peanut!

It sure is i said i put it in with my other chicks that were only 2 days old and I can't even figure out which one it could be...definately could be a leghorn

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