small duck pond, need info asap?


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Jul 16, 2010
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i am wanting to put a small pond in my run for a couple ducks. i wanna make it simular to a koi pond and use black plastic to make it hold water. can i use the plastic? will the ducks puncture the plastic? ect....... i need to know info asap.

btw: if you dont think it will work, any ideas on what i can do.
I also used a walmart kiddie pool. I just buried it and put paving stones and slate aroung the edges
I think that pond-liners (that black plastic) are the same weight or a little heavier than kiddie pools, so you should be good. I'd be careful to clear below the pond of any sharp rocks etc, and refrain from putting any large pointy rocks IN the pond as well if you're worried.

Kiddie pools are cheaper, and you could get the kind with a slide, bet the ducks would LOVE that!
I have an ornamental pond in front of the house and my ducks found it...they love it and they have not messed up the liner at all and I have 9 ducks. They ignore their kiddie pool now
This is the pond minus the ducks. hahaha

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A pump and filter, plus adding water with hose when needed. It needs to be re-done and completely cleaned out because of sediment on the bottom that was in it when we moved here last April. It completely dried out in the summer and filled with rainwater, should have cleaned it out then but did not get to it.

My ducks love mud puddles and anywhere water stands. Silly things.
I have a small pond I was using for my duck and it was a mess. I had to pump it out and refill it at least twice in the summer. Even with a filter in it. So I moved it to my backyard as an ornamental pond and put a kiddie pool in for the duck. Super easy to dump out and rinse (once a week or more) and refill. At first I thought using a pool was kind of lame and looked trashy but then I realized that what looked trashy was a stinky dirty pond in my run! So I've been fully converted to the Kiddie pool pond movement.

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