Small Embryo on Lock down Will it hatch?


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Sep 25, 2010
Okay guys, here is a stupid question and normally I don't ask since this is the first time i'm doing silkies and the first time I've run into this i will ask

out of 5 fertile eggs 2 were quiters and I tossed them.. but the 3 remaining are due to hatch tues or wed... this week

I did one last candle tonight to ensure they are still moving and etc.. well

2 of the eggs are as black as they come inside, all I can see is the air sack which is great that just means that the babies are fully developed and will be able to hatch no problems..

but egg number 3 has A LOT OF LIGHT still going through.. he/she is super small tiny and yes he/she is moving, but i'm worried that he/she is still very under developed to hatch on time..
what should I expect.. i'm hoping the peeper will hatch, but if she/he does i'm a sucker for babies and don't want the little guy to die after hatching either.. anyone think the fellow will make it.. or should I just expect him/her not to hatch at all ?
I would say it probably won't, I've had a few that did that. One even went 4-5 days after due date still developing, and I thought it was going to make it. But unfortunately it didn't, the yolk only lasts so long

Usually within days of my noticing that one is not as developed as it 'should' be I'll check it again and find it has quit.

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