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May 23, 2012
Alfred, ON
i was just wondering about placing the eggs "small end down" in the egg turner, because the eggs i have seem relatively oval or round,

i made my best judgement call but some of the eggs are near impossible to guesstimate the shaping of, is there any other way i can tell which end it is that needs to be placed downwards?

thank you ^-^
If you candle (hold a flashlight under the egg in a dark room) the egg with the air sac is the one that should be facing up.
Some dark eggs are very hard to candle, so in that case you just have to make your best judgement.
that's what i did but i just wasn't sure if it was right or not lol

thank you so much, it's day 18 for me atm and i'm all nerves and anxiety xD

god i can't wait!!! :D

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