Small flock Ameraucana layer hens available for adoption in San Diego

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    Aug 6, 2008
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    Due to unforseen circumstances we are going to have to rehome our small flock of pet Ameraucana hens. Five of the six are 18 months old; one is almost 6 months old. All were vaccinated at birth for Mareks; all beautiful, healthy, superb layers; eggs are olive, light green, light blue, and pink. They have been raised 100% free ranging in my backyard since birth and are used to foraging for the bulk of their diet. Prefer to rehome to a similar situation where they are uncaged at least during the day and can eat grass and bugs freely. They have been hand-raised as pets and are pretty tame: 3 of the 6 are used to being handled by my kids - one actually enjoys it - so they would be great for a family starting out with pet chickens. Can send other photos if desired. Please, no chicken dinners: these are pet animals. NOTE: FOR LOCAL PICKUP ONLY in the Mission Hills area of San Diego. Price is a rehoming fee intended to discourage nonserious inquiries.
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    Did you ever find out if your neighbor still wanted them? I am still interested. Thanks!

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