Small flocks?

I only have three hens. I bought them from someone who wanted to get her flock down to 30 from 33. The deal included a very small coop that I replaced within the week. I figured it was a good way to start. My hens are about 18 months old, so I expect to get a good year of laying from them next year. After that I will probably look to increase my flock to around 8.
Whittni, why only once?

And I had three hens but I am down to two... I have roosters, too, however, as guards.

I like having a bunch of chickens, it was a joke.
I tried that once. Once.

Yeah me too. I told hubby we would only get 4 hens. Then I said 5 and definitely NO MORE. Then a week later I decided to order 3 show birds. Now we have 8. I promised we were done. I informed hubby I love him soooo much-and then told him I ordered 4 more. Mwuahahaha! And if none are roos then I will need to special order a roo-only a Buff oRP.

I have 4.
We're only allowed 3 within city limits. So our 4th one is named Felonie.
Permits are only $31, so that'll happen soon.

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