Small olive eggs


Jun 3, 2018
so my olive egger started laying eggs 2 weeks ago, but her eggs are small enough to be mistaken for a silkie egg.... we got around 11 eggs total from her and all of them are small, both my silkie and olive egger hatched together and are 5-6 months old..... the only thing that assures me it’s the olive egger is the olive colored eggs.... can anyone tell me why she is laying such small eggs, it can’t be the food because my other hen lays normal sized eggs
With 11 eggs I haven’t seen any egg growth, she is 2x bigger than my oldest but lays eggs 3x smaller.
It can take months for eggs to get bigger. You generally don't see the bigger eggs until the second or third season.

If eggs are too big for a hen to pass than they would become eggbound. The reproductive tract slowly matures and enlarges as your hen matures. Every hen is different. Yours is bred for egg color, not for egg size.
My olive eggs are very small, they don't even weigh anything on the scale I have.
You need a gram scale...most digital kitchen scales will work.

I tracked my first group of 6 pullets for 6 months,
took 4 months for the OE(amberlink x ee) to get up to 57g('Large'),
but she laid like 49 days in a row,followed the other almost as long stretches between single days off.

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