Small Order TLC package - Pet chicken.

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    Just had to laugh at this. What will they think of next.....
    Went to see what they had available and saw their TLC packaging cr*p and had to laugh.......
    What next?
    So, basically, by the time you buy "3" and pay the TLC package you are really WAY better off putting an add in your hometown paper and buying local, support your local farmers.
    Or buy a large quantity at another hatchery and then sell excess for $2-$3 to locals yourself.
    Get cha coming or going huh?
    Take care,
  2. Well, in defense of, if that is who you are complaining about, i have found them very helpful. Not everyone wants to buy 25 chicks. Mypetchicken will let you buy as few as 3, plus they will sex them, even silkies. i purchased from them last year and was very happy with the 13 alive and healthy chicks that arrived. Sure, it is more economical to buy a large quantity from another hatchery, or buy chicks from your local feed store, but i think mypetchicken fills a very real need from people who want to pick their breed and sex, and just buy a couple chicks.
  3. I dont think she was... I can't find a TLC package on MPC...
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    It is hard to find 25 homes for birds if you live in the suburbs.
  5. If you add 14 or less chicks to your shopping basket, it does bring up a Small Order TLC package @$25.
  6. dang the luck! You'd know that I finally hear of a place where I can order one or three chicks and they wouldn't have the breed i'm looking for....

  7. Quote:and yes, you are absolutely right, it is not easy finding homes for chicks you don't want. i just had a woman, a vet, who runs a non-profit org that teaches sustainable living through small farming, email me. i bought some Red Stars from her a couple months ago, and am very happy with my hens. She asked if i could tell my friends about her operation, to help adopt out more chicks. i'm totally happy to do that, as her pullets are super healthy, friendly, and productive. But the point is, not always easy to find good homes for good chickens.
  8. Quote:What are you looking for? Because they have a lot more selection in the early Spring.
  9. Well I do have to defend the TLC package, and the reason is this.

    Usually the minimum order for chicks from a hatchery is 25. The chicks keep each other warm during shipping and decreasing the amount of chicks in the box decreases the amount of heat. So they have to supplement with heat packs etc. 25 chicks in a box, also decreases the amount of space they have to fly around and suffer injuries. So less than 25 requires extra material to take up the extra room.

    I can understand HorseChicks point because $25 extra dollars does sound like a lot of extra money for hatchery birds, when you *may* be able to find them locally....

    But I also understand the other side of it. That package is geared to the suburban, city dwelling folks that may not have a farmer with chicks close to them, and dont have the space for 25 birds. And then there is the city ordinances where they may be limited to 10 birds or less. It may be a little extra money that may seem absurd to some, but for these folks, it means backyard enjoyment from the birds we all love....
  10. Quote:What are you looking for? Because they have a lot more selection in the early Spring.

    WC Black Bantam Polish...

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