Small run idea

that seems like a pretty cool idea to me... but then again im new to this whole thing... i guess as long as the holes are small enough so the chiekns cant get their heads stuck! cool idea!
I'm still new too, but I'm always looking for ideas. These look like you could easily attach chicken wire covering the whole thing, and hardware cloth maybe two feet up and also extended a little bit under and a little bit out at the bottom, to keep predators out, and chickens in.
Honestly, I don't think that will work for chickens. I have something similar for my dogs and it works just fine, I really like it. But for chickens you need a smaller mesh to keep rats, snakes and weasels out.
That's why I said "starting point/frame", because you'd need to cover it with hardware cloth and chicken wire. It would be a nice frame for someone who wants more than a simple 2x4 framework.

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