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Jun 22, 2022
Hi! I got my first ever pekin ducklings a while ago, 4 little cuties. They're about one month old old now or something close to that. Sadly, one of them passed away shortly after getting them. Why? It's still quite the mystery. However, the other ones were okay. One of them started acting weird however, little Juno. She had weak legs and could hardly keep balance until one of her legs bowed and she could barely move. I separated her for a bit in my room in another, smaller brooder and altho she developed some issues with breathing, she's all healed now. Some niacin supplements done the magic. I used to only feed them chick starter which didnt have all the niacin needed for them and I'm convinced a deficiency was the culprit which led to Juno's health issues. However, she started developing slower after getting better and from then on grew really slowly. She's about almost half the site of the other two. My father had ducks and geese as a kid and said it wouldnt be a problem but he did not convince me. Should I be worried? I still keep them all on niacin supplements and they get to free range all day.
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