Small spot of feather loss on wing?


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Jun 6, 2011
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Sophia, my delaware hen who has a twisted back, has a small patch of bare, irritated skin that can never seem to grow its feathers back. Its not that visible, but i'm worried the other hens might peck it and it may hurt her. Any home remedys I can put on it to make the feathers grow back? I've heard of blu-kote to keep the other hens away, but I'm not even sure its that, its just that the feathers aren't growing back?



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Feb 24, 2009
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That does look red and irritated. And do I see feather shafts that are broken off there? New feathers won't grow unless the feather shaft is out. You could pluck those, but it will hurt your hen a little bit.

Yes, I would recommend Blue Cote. Farm stores sell it, and it is a bright blue color, but it helps the skin heal. Also, I would recommend buying a hen saddle for her. Members sell them very cheaply here. They fit very nicely over the back, and that will protect her from other hens, or even herself, pecking at the wound.

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