Small Things


10 Years
Jan 17, 2010
So, what are some of the little things that give you pleasure in life?

For instance, a few of mine are:
- The gentle, warm breath from a horse's nostrils as he blows a greeting into my face.
- The smell of burnt pumpkin as I blow out the final jacko on Halloween night.
- The thrumming of a large reciprocating engine.
- That feeling of intense exhilaration if I play something just right, or really get into a song.
- Sitting on the back porch on warm summer evenings, listening to the doves roosting in the big tree and counting bats as they flit overhead.
- The smell, of chili baking in the oven on a crisp day.
- Another smell, that of old books.
- My cat randomly rubbing against my leg when I least expect it, distracting me from whatever I had been doing previously.
- The warmth and beauty of a freshly laid egg as I hold it in my hand, lol.

Okay, your turn!


9 Years
Apr 28, 2010
Its the little things that have the biggest impact in our lives, those who dont stop to smell the roses are always missing so much...

Flowers, the scent and sight of them, being surrounded by them or just coming upon one where there are no others.

Storms, I love watching big thunderheads build up and roll in, and of course the renewed sense of life and energy afterwards.

Butterflies and other insects going about their business

Anyplace away from other people and cities of course.

Napping outside in the shade.

Watching the wind blow through tall grasses and trees gently.


The perfect combination of musical notes

The ocean

Bonding with another creature

Pretty rocks and feathers

The smell of the furnace kicking in while in bed warm on a freezing winter day

The changing of seasons and all the sights and smells that go along with it

Farm and country life, just to much to list

Smells play very heavily on the mind and memory, and for me colors do too, certain colors I just kind of get lost in

And so many more to list. So many people think its childish to focus on such little things, I've been told to get my head out of the clouds so many times, but I've seen the world they live in and I'm much happier here. No one says you cant grow up but still have the spirit of a child, taking joy and wonder out of all the little things.


pays attention sporadically
10 Years
May 22, 2009
North Central Florida
insects-I think they are jewels. the more I observe the more fascinated I am.
Seeds. they are small sculptures.
Children who enjoy being children, and are not in a hurry to grow up.
the sound of a new windshield wiper.
when I snort when I laugh and I am flooded with memories of my grandmother.
a whiff of Kool cigarettes and zippo lighter fluid-grandpa. (but just a whiff)
A new calendar.
dogs, again.
and puppies.
and a nice new sharp pointed pencil.
..and BYC on those days I can't make myself do work. (this really is bad for me. I know it.

key west chick

11 Years
May 31, 2008
Gainesville, GA
The giggle of DS when he was a toddler (Hes almost 15 now)
The smell of honeysuckle and pine trees, reminds me of my late grandmothers house when we visited
Listening to DH snore. Makes me so thankful for him
Sitting on the front porch in the late evening, watching the lightning bugs
Knowing Im loved without having to be told by anyone
Making sure we have a family night every week.


Slightly Touched
9 Years
Apr 2, 2010
New Hampshire
Stepping out on my deck in my PJ's first thing in the morning and stretching an seeing nothing but trees and birds (especially after years of living in the city & seeing nothing but cars!).

a hummingbird that buzzes up super close to me when I least expect it.

the look some of my chicks give me when they tilt their heads up at me to check me out as I peer down at them in the brooder.

when I wake up in the night and find my kitty sharing my pillow or if I wake to realize my arm is wrapped around him like he's a teddy bear.

a simple sense of satisfaction when I scoop water out of my homemade rain barrel to water plants.

a butterfly fluttering around my yard.

reading a really good quote that makes me think.

when a stranger smiles back.

kicking through dry leaves in the fall.

seeing a wildflower pop up in the middle of the lawn.

the smell of fresh coffee.

the aroma of anything baking.


10 Years
May 4, 2009
the scent of freshly mowed lawn

the feel of bare feet on soft moss

Whenever a wave of honeysuckle finds it's way into the house I stop for a moment. The wind rarely blows in that direction.

the sounds of a river or the ocean instantly calm me

A chicken in my lap

AK Michelle

Bad Girl of the North
10 Years
Mar 17, 2009
Palmer, Alaska
Puppy breath
The scrunch of horseshoes on the fresh snow.
The familiar scent of one you love
The rumble of a finely tuned big block motor
the smell of tomato plants
Dancing in the rain to my favorite song
Answering the phone when a friend really needs me
Bare feet in fresh cut grass
When my son tells me I'm beautiful
Alpenglow on the snowy mountains
My daughters singing

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