small world at a chicken show


Cracked Egghead
11 Years
Mar 31, 2008
Lebanon, TN
This has nothing to do with anything, but I thought it was funny --

Yesterday I drove over to Lebanon to visit the Cedar City Poultry Club show. My mom drove out from Nashville to spend the day with me. I heard the show was much smaller than normal, but it was fun to look around anyway.

I went mainly to start getting acquainted with the local poultry people there, so when I move to Lebanon I'll have some contacts to buy local hens for my flock. (I recently bought property there, and I'll be moving in a few months.) So I talked to the folks who were selling at the show. I especially talked to Lyndon Lafevers, who had the most birds for sale there.

And guess what --

It turns out that he's a real estate agent -- in fact, THE real estate agent that helped the current owners of MY property buy that property when THEY bought it a couple of years ago! Heck, Lebanon isn't THAT small!

Incidentally, he gave me some good tips -- like, I should try to buy some hens from the 4-Hers at the county and state fairs in the fall. Good idea!


Lost in the Woods
12 Years
Apr 16, 2007
Evening Shade, AR
That's just too cool!!!

Skip and I planned on being there but behaved, stayed home and actually got our rabbits sold. Now I'll have room for more chickens!!!


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