smaller chick than the rest


6 Years
Apr 24, 2013
I am new to raising chickens and am concerned about one of my 6 chicks. They are about 2 weeks old and are thriving. One however does not seem to be growing like the rest. It was smaller to start. I have 2 wyandottes (1white/black, 1orange/black) 2 buff orpingtons, 2 gold comets (red sexlinks). They are all females and doing well except the little white/black wyandotte. She was slightly smaller in the beginning but now it is more evident as the rest are growing faster then she is. She seems to eat and drink ok. I do notice that she does not scratch around with her feet like all of the others do. She does peck around but no scratching. All of he others have thick pink legs and feet but hers are much thinner and darker in color. She is so sweet and likes to be held. I love her so much and I am worried for her. What do you think might be going on with her. If she is just a runt that is fine with me. I am not concerned about that but I am worried there may be something wrong and I should be doing something for her that I am not doing. I would so appreciate any advice. I am hoping this is not a big deal. Thanks for listening.

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