Smallest hen hiding food


6 Years
Sep 28, 2013
Have any of you ever had a chicken hide food? I have 3 isa brown hens and 1 small bantom cochin. The three isas were raised together and have a really strong bond with one another. They sort of leave the bantom out. Occasionally pick on her. Isas are overbearing with food when I give them treats.

I noticed that throughout the day, all day, the bantom hen walks around in and out of the coop. She always looks "busy" like she has something to do. I then found that she likes to hide food.

My question is, is this normal for bantom cochins? Is that part of the genetic behavior with their specific breed. Or is it just because she knows my Isa hens are the established ones in the coop (in charge more or less) and she feels she has to hide her food for later?
She may be on the bottom of the pecking order and feels like she has to hide her food in order to eat it. Or, like you said, she may just be saving it for later!

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