Smart little 9 week old EE's


9 Years
Feb 27, 2010
Southern Illinois
So I've been integrating all my younger chickens, I have 12, 1 year olds. 23, 16 week old and 5, 9 week old EE's. The 16 week olds have been doing great with the big girls and all is well. I have been toying with my 5, 9 week olds because they have been out in the coop since they were 2 weeks old and they are FAST to get away and they now know the coop ins and outs. I have been shuttling them through the coop and into the yard for the day then back through the coop and into their brooder at night. Well today I left all the coop doors and run door open (the rest of the flock are out free ranging and pop in and out during the day) and the little guys were fine all day, I saw them make a few laps around the outside of the coop and scamper back in. I just went out to check the coop and to put them all to bed and to my surprise my 5 little 9 week olds are roosted in the top roost with the big girls and all is well. My 23! others are still in a pile in a corner of the coop on the floor!

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