Smells ... and do people think your weird for enjoying the smell ?


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Oct 24, 2008
The South
I love the smell of scotch tape, not any tape just scotch brand tape, it smells so good and I can't help not holding it to my nose and taking a big wiff
. My DH thinks I am so weird for it. I don't care though ... I smell on. My SIL loves the smell of new tires
and creasote
... now that is weird, when they re-do the railroad tracks she will drive by and take a big wiff while I'm covering my nose
. What's your weird smelling likable stuff ?
My hubby likes the oil fields - whenever we pass near one (eww) he smiles and says it reminds him of his childhood summers staying at his Grandparent's house down in Penrod KY.

Only way I could like that stink is if it were on my back forty and was earning me some money

.. Oh my word Debi.. really paper towels, I would have thought you would have said something like silicone or mint toothpicks
I can't think of weird things that I like the smell of, but my husband is odd when it comes to smell. He has to smell things. If we get a package in the mail, he opens it and smells it. If he buys something new at the store, as soon as he opens the package, he smells it. I think it's very strange.
I used to walk up to my old appaloosa mare, give her a big hug and take a deep sniff. My classmate I took to the barn, NEVER let it go. He still pokes fun at me for it.

I love to smell my husband, but he hasn't made any notion he thinks it's weird.

He did say I was weird because of a smell I HATE. His little brother is a diabetic and when Noah(diabetic) walks by with his box of supplies, I can't stand it. It's that sterile plastic/hospital smell.
Also can't stand the smell of professional florist arrangments, they smell like funeral homes to me
Not talking about the bouqets you buy, those smell great, but those big professional floral arrangments, it doesn't matter where they are, it smells like a funeral home.
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gasoline, matches, hubby after work (he works at Napa and comes home smelling like it) Him and quite a few friends think I'm strange for liking the smell of those things lol
I like to smell my juvenile chicks after they have been ranging in my yard all day. They smell like earth and grass and sunshine.

My whole family thinks its weird to smell chickens.

My daughter has a sensory disorder that makes her highly sensitive to smells - she can smell like a blood hound. There are certain places she wouldn't go when she was little because the smells and sounds were just too overwhelming to her. It took her a long time to be able to verbalize that to us.

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