Smelly chicken run

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5 Years
Apr 6, 2014
Due to my formerly day-ranging chickens' refusal to stay in our yard (5 acres!) they are under house arrest.
I use deep-litter management in the coop, so no odor problems. What I am supposed to do to keep the run smelling pleasant? It's just dirt. We removed the top inch of material and put it in the compost and took a pitch fork and metal take and turned over all the dirt.
We moved in last summer and inherited the chickens. How do we clean/maintain the run long term and deodorize it immediately?

Also, as my poor chickens are in the coop/run most of the day now, what can keep them entertained? I just installed a chicken swing.
Cover the dirt with powdered lime and add a good 5 inches of sand, they love dusting and scratching all day, very easy to clean with a cat litter scoop and a rake. For entertainment I hang a cabbage in the run just high enough so they have to jump to peck at it, I usually do one a week depends on how much time they can get out.
I suggest that you investigate the "Deep Litter Method". Just do a search for it here on BYC and you will find many variations of this useful method for keeping the hen house smelling good.

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