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    NOT AN EMERGENCY!!! About every two years, late Sept through October we experience wild fires. We are overdue, the last one converged around us on every side but the ocean, close enough so we had chared large chunks of paper in the yard. Lost a few plants because of ash, and ash sifted through places that even the worst of rains never went through. I don't have air conditioning, and normally don't need it, but for about a week once the fires were out, I kept the windows sealed shut until we got the ash cleared out.

    I know that small pets have difficulties during this, and late last night was thinking of ways to help the chickens if this problem (aside the dangers of the fire) to help keep them calm, their lungs and such clear. The coop we built is 8'x4', 4' from bottom to the ceiling separating to the roosting/nesting boxes. Has a movable ramp, the bottom floor is encased on all four sides with 1/2'" galvanized wire. Would a bunch of old sheets wet, draped all around including the roof help? Keep the sheets wet and make sure that no air can move through carrying ash? Would it be better to bite the bullet and just put them in one of the bathrooms? The garage? Should I wet down the coop on the outside? Like the rest of the household, I'd rather be prepared considering how fast these things can happen.

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    Quote:Perplexing situation. Got my brain busy thinking about it and trying to visualize it.

    The thing to maintain is ventilation, while stopping the smoke and ash. I like the wet sheets idea, very clever. And yes, keep them pretty damp. A sprinkler might be a good idea, so you don't have to keep hosing it down. And a gap of, say..... 1.5 - 2 feet from the walls, so some "cleansed" air does get into the coop?

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