Smoke from forest fire is BAD. When should I worry?

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  1. I live in Southern Oregon and that huge fire in the middle of the state is wreaking havoc on my region. The smoke is all blowing down here.

    It has been 3 days that the air has been full of smoke here. Right now there are warnings saying to keep the elderly and kids indoors do to the particulates in the air. Visibility is so bad I can see maybe a half mile if I am lucky, and things as little as 30 feet away look a little hazy. Everything smells like camp fire.

    I have heard that wild birds and chickens have died in some places, but my flock still seems okay. Everyone is breathing, peeping/clucking/crowing as normal with no coughs, sneezing, or wheezing. All their combs are nice and bright and only a few are laying down (just resting, like they do, not in a sickly way) which is less than normal for this time of day in the summer.

    I have quite a few chickens (30-something) so I really don't want to bring them in if I can avoid it bot because of the hassle and mess, and because they would not enjoy being cooped up in small boxes/pet carriers/whatever I can find. With the way they spill things, there is no way I cold keep food and water with them while thus penned up. I have no idea when the smoke will clear, or if it will get worse, so if I bring them in I may be keeping them there for a week for all I know.

    What should I do? I have considered bringing in the Speckled Sussex, since they are not known to be hardy and they are among my friendliest (and favorite) chickens, but then I feel like I am abandoning everyone else to die :(

    Does anyone else have experience with smoke inhalation and know at least what warning signs to look for? I fear that by the time they look ill it will be too late to save them by bringing them in.
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    Tam, I live in Rogue River and have 22 hens, they don't seem to affected, but I have been feeding the Mellon each day to clean their throats and cool them down they Love it. Otherwise I don't know what to do.
  3. I am in Central Point. Our air quality is currently "Hazardous" according to the DEQ and is likely to remain this way for 4-10 days.
    A friend in Medford said all his friend's chickens died... I would be devastated if I lost my whole flock!

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