Smooth shells vs rough shells


14 Years
Apr 7, 2009
I'm just curious as to why one of my hens lays eggs with silky smooth shells, and the other hen lays eggs with a slightly rougher texture. They look similar, just feel very different. Both are eating the same diet, both have access to oyster shell. Any ideas?
No ideas anyone?
I think it's just that each hen is different, and their "plumbing" may be a little different, too. Kinda like some people can frost a cake and it looks like ice, and I frost a cake and it has lumps, bumps and crumbs in the frosting.

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I have hens of 9 different breeds and each of the breeds lays a variations of egg surface texture ranging from slightly rough/dull all the way to high glossy.
My Welsummer lays the roughest egg, then most are in the "dull but smooth" category. On the other end of the spectrum are my Maran and Silkies. They both lay a very glossy egg.
I think it has something to do with a final coating that gets "sprayed on" just before laying.

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