SNACK TIME FOR SILKIES! any fun ways using Yogurt or nana?!?


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May 3, 2009
Elizabethtown, KY
I was thinking of hanging something down so it stayed off the shavings and allowed them to peck at it, or is just putting it in a dish the standard procedure?...

We only have 2 that are 2 weeks old and want to reward them for the love they give us, we also need to know how much to enough...

Thank you in advance from them and us!
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They definitely love hanging snacks. For larger and more birds, people hang a whole head of cabbage. So maybe something like a few spinach or lettuce leaves, tied together.... You can also hide small treats in litter, grass clippings, etc. for them to scratch in.

Have you made them a dust bath? A small pan with fine dry dirt, sand, wood ashes, or whatever, for them to wallow and flop in -- very funny, and they love it.

One rule of thumb is, treats should not exceed 10% of their food volume. A couple tsp of yogurt for yours is probably enough, and it is good for them. Actually, they probably need it, as they don't have the access to normal gut flora that they would have with a mama hen. Many just mix it with a pinch or two of feed if they won't take it plain.
We made a dust bath for them but they really don't do much in it...

Yes, I saw that!...Was wondering about how much and if any cuter ways than others...These lil gals are so sweet, they deserve it!

Can't wait to feed them treats!...Thanx for info!...
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Why wait? They could certainly use the yogurt now. Bits of fruit, etc. wouldn't hurt, either.

Some have reported success with those little treat-hiding toys designed for puppies and kittens, too.

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