Snacks for ducklings?

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  1. I have 2 new baby mallard ducklings and am wondering what type of snacks I can give them? I have them temporarily in a brooder w/chicks of the same age (3days old)and they all seem to be getting along really well. I gave them a little bread & they went crazy for it. In fact the chicks weren't interested in the bread until the ducklings started eating it like crazy then of course they had to have some to! [​IMG] What other treats can I give ducklings? Thanks!
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    Quote:I wouldnt give them too many snacks this early on, but if you do, yo have to feed them grit as well. My ducks loved anything green! LOL!! They especially loved peas!! Tehy were their favorite!!
  3. Thanks Critter! Peas, thats great! My older chickens love peas also so I always have some on hand. I have grit for the chicks so I am assuming it's what the ducklings need also? I'm planning on keeping the snacks down to a minimum but it is nice to feed them something extra by hand to get that bonding going. I noticed my broody hen would take any snacks I gave her and call her chicks to take it directly fm her beak a piece at a time so thought I'd take her cue( fm my fingers Not my beak [​IMG] )
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    Mine love greens (young, fresh grass; dandelion greens, lettuce, mustard greens). I chop them up and put some on the water so they stay fresh.
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    Quote:I do the same (adding some to the water) Our ducks love fresh greens, you'd think you gave them candy . [​IMG]
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    How did you get 2 baby mallards? I have 4 Swedish/Welsh Harlequin ducklings now, and they are a blast.

    Mine love greens, and will eat those out of my hand. I have noticed that if I just take some food out of their feeder and hold it out, they will come get it! Just because it is in my hand...kind of weird. I remember my horses were like that in their pasture. I would pick a handful of grass and they would want it, even though they were surrounded by it. I am afraid it is more because animals are greedy and selfish than because they want to "share a special bonding moment with me." Oh well.
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