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    Mar 4, 2012
    Yesterday while doing chores I noticed the Muscovy ducks were very excited. Decided to walk over and see what the fuss was about and I hear hissing coming from my shop and assumed one of the ducks was harassing the duck that was nesting in there. They have there own house but that is where she made her nest and by the time I noticed it had 6 eggs in it so just left it and just close her in at night. When I peeked my head in the door it was quite a sight.......a 5 foot rat snake and the duck were locked in battle. Well the duck was locked in battle as she had a hold of the snake about a foot back from it's head and was just shaking her head. The snake was completely ignoring the duck biting it and had one of the eggs half way in it's mouth. I grabbed the snake behind the head and it was only then it let go of the egg. Two duck eggs were broken in the scuffle but both of which were not fertile. I noticed one of the broken eggs and carried it out and to my surprise the duck came out behind me with a second broken egg. Took the snake for a ride about a mile down the road and dropped him off. When I came back the duck was still jibber jabbing away. She went right back and straightened her nest but was still excited and talking to herself an hour after the fight. She did good. I raise rabbits as well and when the rat snakes get in the rabbits nesting boxes the mothers just sit and watch the snake eat the babies without a care in the world.

  2. wow, great duck! we find rat snakes in our duck nests a lot but i've never witnessed a duck taking them on. that's a great story.
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    i think the duck might have killed it eventually i know my friends muscovy killed a good sized snake trying to eat her eggs

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