snake poo in the nest boxes?!?!?!


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Sep 29, 2009
West Point, GA
When I went to let me girls out this morning I went to check the nest boxes as I always do...and found a gigantic poop! It was about the size of a pullet egg (though about a third longer) and after digging I found a couple more, smaller poos. At first I thought maybe one of my weird cats had decided it was a littler box when he was out in the yard (I have one very strange cat). Only on of my girls has started laying so far (she was a month or two older than the rest). Now I wonder if they have been laying, but the eggs have been eaten by a snake! I check the nest boxes at least twice a day...The girls free range all day in my yard though, so they may be laying in weird places (I do an "egg check" every afternoon around the yard in all the nooks and crannies). Has any one ever had this happen? It must be a big snake with poo that size (I had pet snakes years I've seen snake poo for sure-as well as looked online just now). Are snakes that active this time of year?? Help :C
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Yep, chicken poo can be that large. Mine seem to hold it in the AM; then they cut loose when they get out and I shall have several piles about the size of an egg. It seems they prefer to go outside the coop and so I let them out as as soon as I get up and get dressed, even if dark.

All that said, seems unusual to have them going in the nests.
wooo....ok good. I REALLY hope it's just chicken poo. I've been a little late letting them out the last few days (my son is sick, so everything's harder to get done right now). I should have taken a photo of it LOL. It was grey and white like a bird poo, so fingers crossed >_<
snake poo stinks. unmistakable.
smell it. if it smells like chicken poo it is. If you run gaging...
My chickens have huge morning droppings, as well, and one of them occasionally poops in the nestbox. Maybe that's what it is?

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