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  1. A huge black snake got into our guinea room somehow and he ate one of my 6 week old keets. My husband walked in there and said he was shocked it could even manage the bird - it was so big the snake could barely move after he ate it. So sad. [​IMG]
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    Awwww! I hate that and am so sorry![​IMG]

    I had a black snake get into one of my grow out pens with my chicks and try to eat a half grown Jersey Giant pullet. [​IMG] He didn't do much more than kill her and get her head and neck in him because the chicks was so big. I was sorely ticked off! [​IMG]

    Now I put Sulfer flakes all around the inside of my barn, coops, brooder room, etc where a snake may be tempted to take my kids. I can eat them but other critters are not welcome, too.
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    Quote:Oh man, how horrible... I hope he dispatched the snake??? Because it will be back for meal #2,3 4 etc...
    Sorry for your loss, I know how much you treasure all your babies [​IMG]
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    Sorry for your loss
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    snakes don't like lime either or to cross metal so if you put some metal flashing around the outside.... so sorry!
  7. .....and now, we have lost our 5-month old little rescue Guinea. Just found a big pile of feathers and cannot locate her. Fox, probably.
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    Quote:I used to raise parakeets and finches in free standing wire cages. The panels from those cages are going to be my exterior walls of my poultry house. We are talking ten gauge wire. (a little under 1/8 inch diameter) You have to cut it with an abrasive saw. The spacing on the mesh is 1/2 x 3 inches. I cant even get my finger tips in enough to handle them easily. Any snake that could get through that mesh would be edible.... [​IMG]

    I have this wire already but an excellent inexpensive replacement is plain old hardware cloth with 1/2 inch spacing. Same deal anything that could get through would be edible. And of course all holes and gaps need to be taken care of.
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    Quote:[​IMG] so sorry.
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    Quote:What are sulfer flakes and where do you get them? Just lost 10 eggs under a broody this morning to a black snake that is no longer in this world.

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