Snakes in the coop!!

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    Hi Everyone,
    I'm new to the site and new with the My question has to do with keeping snakes out of my new coop. About three years ago my brother gave me 4 hens for our new home and we built a beautiful coop for them. I did everything the books told me to do about keeping prediters out of the coop. Needless to say we didn't have a problem with fox, possiums, raccoons, hawks, mice or dogs getting in but snakes kept getting in the coop. I lost 2 hens I think from heartattacks cause we couldn't find any bites on them and the other 2 stopped going into the coop so I gave them back to my brother. My daughter and I nearly grabbed a snake several times while gathering eggs and I gave up on having chickens.
    This year I am going to try again but before I order my chicks or build that new coop I would like to know how to keep the snakes away. Does anyone have a suggestion on how to do this?

    P.S. I have thought about putting snake-away around the coop but I'm afraid of the hens eating it ! I would love to know what can be done in the coop building process to help prevent them from getting in.
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    ok with your run use chciken wire with small holes in it near the bottom so a snake cant get through and if a small snake gets through a chicken will eat a small for the snake getting your a secure coop off the ground..they also say sulfur works alo not sure hope this help good luck
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    Buy one of those small plastic garden ponds. Keep it near the coop. Snakes love to swim in it. Keep an eye on it and when you see them swim in it, kill them.
  5. What kind of snakes are you getting? I know that our cats keep garter snakes out, but if you have black snakes it's another matter because they climb. Be sure the run and coop don't have easy access holes. Is there any chance you can tighten your coop with wire of lesser mesh? We're completing a new coop and run, and we're using 1/2" mason wire above and below ground. You also have to be sure there isn't a nest under your coop floor. I've heard others say they use sulfur, which might be useful because some lice/tick powders are sulfur/rotenone so can be used near your birds.

    Check my home page below for pics if you like![​IMG]

    And here are some other useful links:

    Also check the Predators and Pests section!
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