Snakes Trying to Eat Juvenile birds...lost 2 so far

Discussion in 'Predators and Pests' started by GiannaT, Apr 2, 2018.

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    Heck... if you can get a picture of it, make sure you kill it right after.....

    I had a young half sized pullet killed by a large chicken snake (which is nothing more than a rat snake).... she was left dead on the floor and you could see where the snake had tried to swallow it, but then could not because the bird was too large. The bird was none the less dead and so was the snake when I found it by looking around the immediate vicinity of the crime.

    Snakes are hard to keep out. Hardware cloth is good. Chicken wire will keep out the bigger ones.... but they are able to get in to most anywhere they want if they want.... and I have found them up high as well as down low. If they have success, they will try to return. I have taken them for long rides before. Take them a good distance if you are doing that. I have killed them when they made me mad enough. I think that snake repellent is just mothballs. Does it seem to be working?
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    If you're in Texas, you have game cameras. Throw one up and shoot a pic of the viper.

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